Sakal Marathi Newspaper

Sakal started the new era of Marathi Journalism. Achutrao Kolhatkar’s Daily Sandesh is the golden age of joumlism. Sakal went ahead of it. On 1st January 1932, Dr.Nanasaheb Parulekar who was legendary person, started this daily which is second largest circulated marathi daily today after Lokmat. But in case of quality sakal ranks first in the state. At present sakal is printed and published seperately from Pune, Mumabi, Nashik, Nagpur, Aurangabad, Kolhapur. There are other publication like Arthmanthan, weekly Sakal, Yuva Sakal, & Krida Vishwa. All these publications are inter related to each other. Sakal has taken over Gomanthak which is reputed daily from Goa. Sakal changed all the concepts of Marathi journalism. It joined the rural part to urban & gave importance to the farmers, lower class of the society. Sakal gave the new face to other dailies. It widen the area of operation & covered news from pin to piano, comb to computer. It brought vahety of news before the readers, did lot experiments. Qualitative, different & fresh news is the main feature of sakal. Clear character, best news net work, modern technology, fully computerised sections, brilliant personnel, effiecient managem,ent are other important features of sakal. Pune sakal has completed more than 75 years.

Nanasaheb Parulekar completed his higher education in America & returned to India in November 1929. He was the reporter of newspapers in Amehca, France & Germany. He wanted to start separate business instead of job. That time English newspapers were having good reputation. It was possible for Parulekar to start English daily. But due to love & affection towards the country, he decided to launch Marathi daily. He was inspired by Kesari. Kesari, Rashtramat, Induprakash, Sandesh, Dyanprakash were the leading newspapers at that time. But Parulekar accepted the challenge. He did a wonderful experiment He invited the suggession of the people & announced prize of rupees two hundred to the person who suggest good name to his proposed newspaper. More than twelve hundred people participated in the contest & suggested four thousand names. Sakal, the name suggested by Laxman Bhide, a student of Fergusan college, was accepted. He won the prize. Second prize of rupees fifty went to Advocate Bhaskar Vinayak Paranjape, from Dhulia, who suggested the name Udya (tomarrow). To start Sakal, huge capital was the main problem. So, Parulekar borrowed the sum of rupees 3000/- from Narayanrao Desai (Bombay). Dhondumama Sathe gave Rs. 1000/-. Babasaheb Ghorpade (Ichal Karanjee) gave Rs. 3000/-. Chief of Pune Anath Vidyartigraha, Dadasaheb Ketkar agreed to print this newspaper. Journalist like S.L. Karandikar, S.V. Gadgil, N. T. Thakar, G. P. Ranade, Shankar Dhatankar joined with sakal. On first January 1932, first issue of sakal reached to people. For covering the late news, sakal started night shift. It was first experiment in Marathi journalism. The religious clashes between Hindu & Muslim took place in Bombay. That time, sakal got the latest news on telephoe & published it with figures & maps. Even newspapers from Bombay could not do this. Other examples like, to get the telegramme from New york Times regarding the interview of Mahatma Gandhi, who was in Yerwada’s Jail, first news of agitation in the Kalaram Mandir, at Nashik. Sakal published the latest & whole figure of pleaguge that occurred in 1933 in Pune. Sakal was the first newspaper which covered the news like Olympics, international news & even rural news which were neglected by other news papers.

Parulekar launched Daily Swaraj from Bombay on 21st March 1936, Weekly Sakal on lst January 1933, Daily Tej, Mumbai Sakal on 12th December 1970. In 1973, Parulekar expired. Today Prataprao Pawar is the Managing Director & Editor of Sakal. He gave new face to Sakal.

N.B. Parulekar used to say that Labour is the main capital. I use to work 10 to 12 hours. That is why a good newspaper like Sakal borned Sakal is not a news paper but it is a social institute. It raised relief funds for victims of natural calamities. It gives training to young reporters, donations to charitable institutions. Sakai built the hostels for students, gave economical aid to the poor students. There are other social programmes also run by sakal. Today, sakal is the fastest growing newspaper in Maharashtra. It got prizes for lay out, social service, excellent journalism etc. It’s Managing Director Prataprao Pawar was the president of Indian Newspapers’ Society, which represents the reputed news papers owners in the country.

Sakal is the only newspapers which incurs lot of amount to improve the quality of it’s personnel including editorial which is getting fruits in today’s competition.

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