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History of Marathi Newspapers

History of Marathi Newspapers

First newspaper that was started in Maharashtra was in Gujrati, by a Parsi Man. After ten year of this , first Marathi newspaper was started. Gujrati & Parsi people had made tremondus progress in printing technology. And the readers needed for newspapers were in Bombay. So, first newspaper in Gujrati and Marathi was launched in […]

History of Mass Media

Mass Media contains two words. ‘Mass’ in this context means an aggregation of people. ‘Media’ means various modes of communication. Thus, mass media is a field of mass communication. We can easily send some information to a far away destination through a medium of communication. In the olden days, a crier would run in the […]

Brief History of Kesari & Mahratta Trust

‘Kesari‘ newspaper started by Lokmanya Tilak, will be completing a hundred and thirty years of its journey on the 4th of January 2011. This is indeed phenomenal in the history of vernacular journalism in India as it is the one and only newspaper in vernacular languages that is being published by a Trust for the […]

Lokmanya Tilak – Kesari and Maratha

The following are characteristics of Lokmanya Tilak’s Journalism: Torture he had to go through for his principle of fearless journalism To ably point out the shortcomings in administration Journalism putting forth rational thoughts Journalism exposing suppression by the Government. Tilak believed in journalism as a right to form public opinion Tilak’s journalism based in his […]