Sneha Seth is a self-taught artist who worked on reviving back the art based on Kurukshetra. She worked with the artisans to revive back this art form. She had a strong will of retelling the Kurukshetra and her arts helped her accomplice this task. It was through her art that she could once again start the long lost art form. This Kurukshetra made her popular and caught the attention of many originality and primitive blend.

Delicate and exquisite, this is the words that can best define Sneha Seth’s artwork. The hand embroidery in both theme and craftmanship reflects the personal and modern aesthetic. The Kurukshetra caught people’s attention from distant places. This beautiful rendition of Kurukshetra was a masterpiece in the world of Art.

The Kurukshetra collection was presented in the Art Alive gallery and had been listed in the 15 artworks that everybody loved in 2019’s Art fair.

Features Of The Artwork Kurukshetra:

Being made in collaboration with highly skilled artists or karigars, this artwork stood apart from all other arts and gained big popularity with its intricate work. Sneha Seth’s artwork Kurukshetra has been inspired by miniature paintings and Pichwais, the great colour combination used with maximum detailing has made the artwork even attractive. It is exquisite and sculptures.

What Makes This Artwork Special?

This art was special because this was based focusing on the revival of the dying art form ‘Kurukshetra’. This art was made on the theme of the battleground of Mahabharat. The concept of retelling the story of Mahabharat is what makes this artwork special. This shed lights on the war held on the battleground. Another reason why it can be considered unique is because of Sneha Seth’s effort of carving out the real meaning of the art through her exquisite artforms. This inspires other artists to work on the lost history of India.