The Intense Pointillist Painting : “Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte”

Made with the medium of oil paint, the painting reflects a lustrous and shining base and vibrant colours. The feature that makes this painting different from other paintings is it’s three stages of making the art by Georges Seurat. The first stage included the application of dull earth colours. The second stage includes the combination of colours that reflected mother earth with the mix of individual colours. And the last stage is the stage of using advanced or deep colours with a hint of pureness. This three stage origination of the painting by Georges Seurat makes this art unique than others.This painting reflects the unique style of joining dots to create a masterpiece. Based on the pointillist technique, this art is an image resulting after creation of dots on Canvas. Created by George Seurat in 1884 to 1886 this unique painting is based on the Parsian people enjoying an afternoon on the island of La Grande Jatte situation on the banks of River Seine in Paris. This art portraits citizens relaxing and spending their ‘me time’ in the park located on the island.

Being the master and father of the french artform Neo Impressionism, George Seurat is known for his perfection. The time invested on the painting La Grande Jatte by the artist was long but the patience of the artist turned the painting into a rare pointillist painting. Presently this painting is exhibited in the Art Institute of Chicago. Where visitors on a daily basis go to observe the art. What makes this painting worthy is it’s usage of colours. This painting reflects the ideal setting and the time spent by people on it. The refreshment that the art gives off is not available in other paintings. Creation of an unique form of art that reflects the happy civilians makes the viewers happy too. The precious time that the art characters are enjoying in the painting gives away a positive vibe and builts freshness. The scenery of art that is actually the island is beautiful and the theme of a sunny day adds a better charm to it.

Painter Georges Seurats was highly inspired by the painting theories of Michael Eugene, he analysed almost all art forms by him. And then came up with the idea of La Grande Jatte as a painting. He took the colour techniques and theories from the research he made on Michael Eugene’s art works and finally came up with the idea of divisionism in painting. Which later was found as pointillism. The Sunday Afternoon by La Grande Jatte will always be a special piece in the world of art. All the features mixed together make it a masterpiece. This painting sure adds a higher level of achievement for Georges Seurat and is a painting that reflects strong meaning and emotions. With its strong, deep and bold strokes this painting has been successful in acquiring its place in history.

This remarkable painting by making dabs on the wood framed canvas by Georges Seurat has successfully transmitted its meaning and origin. This painting creates an aura which has mesmerised other artists to take it as reference and paint other artforms based on this famous work. Many other popular artists have taken inspiration from this pointillist painting and had even tried to recreate it in other ways. Artists like Nancy Cameron had recreated the work of George Seurat on her style that got featured in the cover page of the magazine. The “Sunday afternoon on the Island” had also been a major inspiration and concept for many musicals in the 19th Century. Among which the most famous was ‘Sunday in the park with George’ by Stephen Sodheim. This painting also serves as an inspiration for many pop arts and many other landscape paintings of topiary forms.

Later in 1924, the art institute of Chicago recognised it’s value as a masterpiece and decided to include the painting for exhibition in the institute. This remarkable painting will always be remembered in time for its unique feature and beauty. Keep reading our articles for more articles on art analysis by great artists of their era.

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