The Starry Night Analysis

By- Anubhav Kumar Dubey

Date of Creation:1889

Height (cm):73.70

Length (cm):92.10

Medium: Oil

Support: Canvas

This beautiful creation of a human mind is made by the famous artist Vincent van Gogh. The landscape art is still preserved and has been put for exhibition in the museum of modern art, New York. The painting is famous for its uniqueness as well as the wider perspective. Someone said once that beauty lies in the eyes of a person, that same goes in the field of art. What you want, is what you see. The painting depicts the beauty of the village or the visuals of the village in the starry night.


Vincent van Gogh was from a upper middle-class family ,his own dilemma and illusion made him mentally sick, he has been through a lot of mental trauma. In his whole life he was considered to be a madman and failure. The things have never been good to him, he spent most of his time alone eating a lot less and drinking a lot. The Dutch artist even shifted his mind to a relational side, but his perspective was different. He travelled a lot but often got depressed so easily, it can be seen as a bit of exaggerating but I think he was an overthinker. But the real appreciation he received is after his death, then he was concluded as the talented but a tragic painter, today his works are considered to be one of the finest paintings.

Art analysis

We can often notice the domination of the night in the painting, as it shows that the moon is more dominating than the stars itself. The starry waves, the stars are often created in the form of waves which certainly shows the motion or flow, and the large part depicts itself as a nebula. When we look closely the whole painting is having a contradictory tone, the dark and the black on the other hand the sky is full of light, according to me the sky is depicted as the hope, no matter how dark the tunnel is, on some point there is light, and you should search for it. The same thing can be noticed even after the dark city the sky is hope. By looking at the picture the use of thick brush can be traced, I think he took the thick brush to intensify the picture.

Another big impression we can see is the oxymoron figure of speech in the picture, as on the other side it shows the celestial bodies and on the down side village full of life, that shows life and death in a single frame.

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